Saturday, December 15, 2018

COP24 Agreement Reached Bringing Paris pact To Life In 2020, #ClimateSmart!

"Putting together the Paris agreement work program is a big responsibility, It has been a long road. We did our best to leave no-one behind." " said the chairman of the talks, known as COP24, Michal Kurtyka.
Rows over how carbon markets are managed threatened to derail the meeting at the last minute and to resolve the issues, the event was delayed by a day. Delegates involved believe the new rules agreed, would ensure that countries keep their promises to cut carbon.

The disagreements comes from developing countries seeking recognition and compensation for the impact of rising temperatures while richer nations fear the idea of being legally liable for causing climate change and expect huge bills well into the future.
Scientists and delegates were shocked when the US, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Kuwait objected to the a recent UN report on keeping global temperature rise to within the 1.5C limit.
2018 year-to-date anomalies through June compared to nine warmest years on record
"The key piece was having a good transparency system because it builds trust between countries and because we can measure what is being done and it is precise enough, I am happy with that. Nobody can say that's not clear, we don't know what to do, or that it's not true anymore. It's very clear," Laurence Tubiana, a key architect of the Paris agreement told BBC News.